Summary in English

This is a brief summary in English. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Polarity Therapy

Dr. Randolph Stone was chiropractor, osteopath and naturopath. For decades he studied many natural and traditional healing methods. With all his knowledge he founded the natural and holistic Polarity Therapy.

Polarity is based on the four pillars bodywork, conversation, Polarity Yoga and nutrition. The treatment is aiming to bring the blocked energies back to flow. In this way selfregulation of body and health can be restored.

The bodywork is carried out with the clothes on and there is a variety of touches ranging from gentle to deep into the tissue.

As a Polarity practitioner I am also working with the joints, muscles, reflexes and the nervous system. The treatment is perceived as soothing and very relaxing by clients.

A session takes between 60 to 90 minutes.

Somatic Experiencing – Traumahealing

Somatic Experiencing is a psychological and physiological well founded concept where trauma and shock can be dissolved and processed in small steps. Thereby the main focus is on the way how our vegetative nervous system reacts.

This trauma resolution model is based on over 35 years of research carried out by Dr. Peter Levine. He oriented himself on the behaviour of wild animals which are often exposed to life-threatening situations but are rarely traumatized.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

“As we lose our inner rhythm, disease arises.”

Dr. John Beaulieu

The tuning forks with their overtones immerse us into a unique soundscape. They stimulate the inner healing process, activate body and mind and help us to find back to our pristine rhythms of life.

The work with tuning forks can also be well integrated in bodywork and conversation.


  • Pain, tensions
  • Sleep and digestive disorders
  • Stress, exhaustion, nervousness
  • Back problems
  • Psychosomatic complaints
  • Personality development
  • Trauma
  • Accidents, operations
  • accompaniment and support during/after serious conditions and diseases

The therapies being offered do not replace any medical treatment or diagnoses by a doctor.


Costs: Fr. 132.– per hour

Most health insurances support Polarity sessions if you have an additional insurance for complementary medicine. Please check with your health insurance directly about their contribution to the costs of Polarity Therapy.

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